Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Life After the 1940 Census

Thanks to the contributions of over 136,000 indexers, the 1940 US Census project is well ahead of schedule. Indexing and arbitration of all states is expected to be complete in July. The indexes for many states have already been published at The remainder will be published soon. Volunteers are naturally concerned about maintaining their enthusiasm. FamilySearch is pleased to announce that following completion of the 1940 US Census, a major effort will commence to index US Immigration and Naturalization records. As the U. S. is a nation of immigrant families, this is a foundational element of American research. Many millions of these records are currently available as images in the FamilySearch collections, but now must be indexed in order to make them searchable. As with the 1940 US Census, FamilySearch will seek support from genealogical societies and the general public. Source: FamilySearch Blog, June 29, 2012

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