Sunday, June 12, 2016

FamilySearch is spoiling our Consultants

This message greeted me as I opened my email after church today. FamilySearch is notifying me that a cousin or member of my extended family is needing the Temple Ordinances to be done. I haven't seen this type of message prior to today. I opened the email and found this:
Of course, I promptly clicked on "Reserve Temple Ordinances" because I wasn't really sure who Mary Templing was in my ancestry. This is what I found: 
I am just stunned and so very impressed with the work being done by the FamilySearch department to give us every opportunity to get the Temple work done for our families. Not only have they developed an easy system on the Family Tree for us to identify and reserve names to take or submit to the Temple, but now they're bringing those names TO US and leading us right to the page on the FamilySearch site where we can reserve the names. 

While on this same page, I scrolled down and was shown the relationship chart from Mary Templing to ME, as sown above! And at the bottom of the chart, I can click to "Reserve Temple Ordinances". So I was informed that she needed her Temple Ordinances performed and was also shown how she's related to me, all in two clicks from my email message. I'm certainly being spoiled by the wonderful, inspired staff at Family Search. They're doing everything except reserving the names for me. 

There was another benefit to me as I looked at this information on the family tree. It brought to my attention the pedigree of my cousin Mary Templing, one which I hadn't previously studied.
I'm at the bottom left of the above chart. My grandmother is Amalia "Mollie" Koleber. You can see that her second cousins are Hannah Templing and Mary Templing. I hadn't realized until FamilySearch alerted me via email today that my grandmother "Mollie" Koleber Margheim was not only the sister-in-law of Hannah Templing, but also her second cousin! Here's the wedding portrait of Jacob Margheim and Hannah Templing.
Now I'm curious as to the cause of death of Mary Templing at age 18 and will spend time this afternoon researching this. 

I'm so grateful to the staff at Family Search for alerting me to the fact that Mary Templing was ready for her Ordinance work to be performed in the Temple and bringing my attention to this part of my family tree so I can learn more about my cousin Mary Templing. I am indeed spoiled as a Consultant in our Family History Center and am truly blessed to be so spoiled. 

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Our Consultant Resources are Centralized

I recently discovered and learned how to use a great tool for our genealogy, called Trello. I've created a "board" that provides links to the many resources the LDS church provides for Consultants in our Family History Center. You can find this Trello Board here

The first "list" on the board provides links to tutorials that explain how to find your way around the board. Please check it out.