Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tag the Sources in Family Tree

The Logan FamilySearch Library newsletter this week offers good advice about tagging our sources on the Family Tree. 

Question: It is disheartening to spend a lot of time adding sources to your family in Family Tree only to have another person come along and change the data .  How can we make the sources more visible.  Many people don't bother to scroll down the page to see the sources. 

Answer: Try these suggestions:
  • Be sure you tag each source to the specific events it reverences.  That will put the source right up by the event when someone clicks on it to change it. (After attaching a source to a person, click on the source, click Tag and check the boxes of those events it references.)
  • A history of changes is available.  On the right hand of the person page is the box labeled "Latest Changes".  If the change was incorrect you can reverse the change.  Be sure to enter the reason  and reference the documentation.
  • There is a "Watch" star at the top of the person page  Click it to places the person on a watch list.  You will receive an e-mail when changes occur on this person.
  • If the person's information is changed again without supporting sources, send the person doing the changes an e-mail politely asking the reason for the change.  Their answer may explain things you do not know or start a discussion to arrive at the correct answer.  If their e-mail answer is not forthcoming there is a button in the "Tools Box" labeled "Report Abuse".