Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dennis Brimhall on the Community Census Project

"By the world’s standards, this census effort has been an enviable example of “crowdsourcing” (the industry buzzword for the “many hands makes light work” philosophy). For us, it is another in a long line of group collaborative projects that promote our vision of creating and linking the best and most valuable research resources to help people discover who they are by exploring where they come from. We have been working collaboratively with volunteers, record custodians, and the general public for well over 100 years to make genealogy records more available," he said.

"Even if our sights were set on the swift and successful completion of the 1940 census alone, we would have to be grateful and excited. But imagine the possibilities of such a dedicated, trained, and motivated workforce as we shift focus from census records to immigration and naturalization records, and country-specific record sets like those represented by our Italy ancestor project. I hope it is plain to see the potential of our growing volunteer workforce and the impact you all can have on the present and future of family history," Brimhall concluded.

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