Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Family Editing Possible at Family Tree

Big News Family Editing Comes to FamilySearch Family Tree

FamilySearch is a moving target. No matter what you knew about it yesterday, you need to look at it today to see what is going on. Here is a summary of the (one of the) different parts of FamilySearch and the latest news:

Family Tree is part of the biggest change being made to the website. Good news and waiting. Family Tree is the replacement  There are a series of incremental changes going on nearly constantly. For example, today I found that marriage dates can be edited or deleted. Family relationships can also be edited, such as biological, adopted, step etc. You can also change the parents of a child. You can also add a source directly to a marriage and a child relationship. In short, all of the incorrect family relationships in can now be edited in Family Tree.

You can also add people to the database. I hope you realize how big this really is!!! 

Get to work and correct your family!
Source: James Tanner at "Genealogy's Star" Blog Wed. July 11, 2012

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