Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The FamilySearch Weekly

I've written before about this excellent resource, and will likely write about it again and again. The FamilySearch Weekly was created by Steve Cottrell using a program available called paper.li. If you subscribe to it by clicking on the "subscribe" link at the top right, you'll get a notice in your email each week when it's published. The email will include a link that will take you to the actual "newspaper". Many current articles are included and are available to read in full by clicking their headlines. 
As you can see in this thumbnail, today's edition contains articles about Indexing, publishing your family history through a blog, Family History Centers, and many other topics of interest to those of us who want to help others research their family histories. Click on the  picture above to go to the site and read the articles that are of interest to you. And "SUBSCRIBE" to stay up with current news and stay motivated to do our job well. 

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