Friday, October 28, 2011

FREE Webinars

When you click on the above photo, you'll go to the page at that lists their free webinars. A webinar is simply an online class (seminar), usually one hour in length, available to anyone who registers. To register, you only need to sign up with a username (email address) and password. You'll receive a notice by email that you're registered, and you'll receive a reminder email immediately prior to the webinar, so you won't miss it. The reminder email will include the link for you to join the live webinar. 

If we're interested in a topic that's offered in a webinar but aren't able to watch the live presentation, we can view the "archived" videos. The photo above takes you to the page where the archived videos are listed and available to watch. Webinars are available on topics such as: 
(1) Finding your Irish Ancestors in Ireland and America
(2) First Steps #1: Getting Started at
(3) First Steps #2: Tips for Successful Searches
(4) First Steps #3: Now What? How to use your discoveries to make your next big find
(5) Interviewing Family: Tips and Techniques
(6) Coming to America: Finding Your Immigrant Ancestors

If you haven't attended a webinar (by simply sitting at your computer watching a lesson presented by an expert on a topic related to genealogy research), I encourage you to watch one of these archived videos. Learning is easier when we're being shown a technique while we're being taught. Try it out!

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