Monday, April 14, 2014

Consultant Training all in one great place

We're encouraging the Consultants in our Family History Center to participate in the online training that FamilySearch offers us. When completed, we are asked to print our Certificate and submit it to the Director in our Center. This assignment is in conjunction with our current "60 Day Challenge", in which we have committed to assisting our Ward members in their homes to get registered on, get familiar with the Family Tree program, experience the activity of adding photos and stories to our Family Tree, and increase the number of temple ordinances done for our ancestors. 

FamilySearch is to be commended for making so many excellent training resources available to us. They can be found at this link:

The core lessons are divided into these headings: 
1. Understand Your Calling
2. Work with Members
3. Work with Leaders
4. Prepare Names for the Temple
5. Do Your Own Family History

Additional Training and Resources are available with links to 
1. Family Tree Training
2. Family Tree Training "Sandbox"
3. Family Tree "Sandbox" Lessons
4. Temple and Family History Course Materials
5. FamilySearch Learning Center
6. FamilySearch Research Wiki
7. Family History Consultant Devotionals

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