Sunday, February 23, 2014

New Developments in Family History are Ongoing

I'm indebted to Genealogist/Author/Family History Service Missionary James Tanner for his prolific articles in the field of genealogy that help us stay informed of the rapid developments in Family History. Today and recently he offers these interesting and enlightening posts: 

1. "Obituaries and Online Databases" in Genealogy's Star

2. "I'm Getting Old Fast. What Can I Do About It?" in Genealogy's Star
This is a favorite to me because it was one of James Tanner's classes at the Family History Expo in Colorado Springs in August, 2013 that made me start thinking about what I'm going to do with all my research paperwork and resulting reports to pass it on to my only son. After visiting with my son, I decided I would need to scan everything and store it online for access to my descendants, as he can't drag home files, boxes, binders, and books and store them or make them available to future family members.

3. "A Quick Start to Photos and Stories to Family Search Family Tree" in Rejoice, and Be Exceeding Glad

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