Friday, January 17, 2014

Our Consultant Callings: Take it to the Next Level

To the Consultants serving in the Canon City Family History Center,

Please make a note on your calendars that we will resume our InService on Thursday, Feb. 13 at 7:00 pm. Besides a quick review of the RootsTech Conference that Brother and Sister Orchard and Brother and Sister Jamison are attending Fb. 6-8, we will focus on our goals for 2014. Brother Juan Aponte, the Family History Representative in our Stake High Priest Council will be our Guest.

There is a dire need in our First and Second Wards for a more concentrated effort to further the Family History and Temple work. We must step up our service of helping our ward members learn how to do their research and get the resulting Temple work done.  

I encourage each Consultant to read the help provided at this link:

Read, study, and review again all that is available to help us in our Consultant calling. We all should be reading the Family Search blog that comes out regularly. The advancements on the FamilySearch Family Tree are developing rapidly. To keep up and stay educated and trained, we must pay attention to the weekly news so we can be effective in our calling. You can read the FamilySearch blog here:

We can read more about our Calling at this link:
At this link you can scroll down to "Register Here" and sign up to receive the newsletter automatically in your email.

Here's a link to the FamilySearch Learning Center with videos, lessons and classes for everything we need to know!

And remember to check this blog regularly, or subscribe to it, so you can learn from the articles I share here.

Let's all apply ourselves and take our efforts as a Family History Consultant to the next level. See you on February 13th.

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