Saturday, August 18, 2012

Power Searching with Google

In his Online Genealogy Newsletter today, Genealogist Dick Eastman reviewed the recent learning opportunity offered by Google called "Power Searching with Google". I registered for the classes and attended the lessons as they were offered in July. They were Excellent!
Here follows Dick Eastman's recap of the classes:

Want to become an Google Expert? There is one organization that will show you how: Google.

Google_slide_1Google used to conduct occasional live "webinars" that taught the finer points of using the search engine. In the past, you had to be seated at your computer at a designated time to participate in the live seminars. The company has now "canned" those lessons and made them available at any time of the day or night. There are six 50-minute classes, free for anybody to try.

The lessons include:
  • Class 1 - Introduction
  • Class 2 - Interpreting results
  • Class 3 - Advanced techniques
  • Class 4 - Find facts faster
  • Class 5 - Checking your facts
  • Class 6 - Putting it all together
  • Power Searching with Search Experts Video
  • Hang Out with Search Experts Video
The lessons are available as a video, in text, or as a slide show (in Google Docs, of course).
I'd suggest you take a look at the lessons. You’ll be pleased at how much easier it is to find what you’re looking for once you learn a few tricks.

"Power Searching with Google" is available at

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