Tuesday, May 22, 2012

FamilySearch Blog: Sources for our Family Tree

Family Tree Update

The Family Tree team has been really busy fixing defects and preparing for the release of several new features to help you better manage the relationships between individuals. Before we can turn those features on, we’ve got to finish the non-trivial task of moving all 1.25 billion relationships into the Family Tree. Yes, that’s over a billion! We have about 130 million left.
We invite you to begin using the Family Tree feature and let us know what you think. (If you need to know how to use this feature, click here.)
On Monday we pushed out a new release of the Source Box to the Family Tree. Let me highlight the new features as well as some upcoming features.
  • Folders. You can now use folders to organize the sources in your Source Box. Folders are listed alphabetically, with the number of sources in each folder shown in parentheses.
  • All Sources folder. The default folder in the Source Box is the All Sources folder. The All Sources folder shows every source in your Source Box, even the ones that you moved into folders. In a few weeks, the Source Box will have a column that indicates which folder a source is in.
  • Attached link. The Source Box now indicates which sources are attached to the ancestor that you are working on. If the source is attached to the ancestor, it has an icon that looks like two interlinked ovals.
  • Attach. When your Source Box is open, you can attach any source in it to the ancestor that you have been working on. Simply click the title of the source that you want to attach. If the source has not been attached to the ancestor you are working on, you see an Attach link. Click it to attach it to that ancestor. We are interested in your feedback on attaching sources. Do you like this change? Opening the source before attaching it lets you see the citation and notes, which can help you decide whether to attach it.
  • Remove. Many of you asked for a way to remove a source from your Source Box and leave it attached to the ancestors that you attached it to. Now you can. Click the title of any source, and you can remove it from your Source Box. Now you might ask, “If I remove a source, how do I put it back into my Source Box if I need it again?” We will soon introduce a new feature that lets you add any source, no matter who created it, to your Source Box. With this new feature, you can add a source you created back into your Source Box. You can also add anyone else’s sources to your Source Box.
In about a month, we will introduce an easy way to capture data from any website, create a source, and add it to your Source Box without using copy and paste.

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