Wednesday, February 8, 2012

We Can All Help Index 1940 Census

ARE YOU PREPARED TO HELP WITH THE 1940 CENSUS? The 1940 census will be released April 2nd in the form of an image database by the National Archives. They need YOUR help in indexing these valuable records!
There were 132 million people living in the 48 continental United States during 1940. There are tens of millions of people living in the U.S. today that are in that census. Here are some of the interesting facts found in this census:
  • Where people lived 5 years before
  • Highest education grade achieved
  • Detailed income and occupation
  • Marriage information for all women, times married, and number of children 
This census will assist the researcher to fill in much information about his or her family. But it must be indexed! Indexing will be completed, hopefully, in 6 months!  It will take more indexers than currently registered.

This is how you can help: 
  1. If you have not done indexing, get started now so that you will know how to do it. Go to to take a "2-Minute Test Drive" and to register.
  2. To participate in the 1940 Census Indexing project, an additional registration is requested. Go to
The indexing results will be free, so get on board and lets get the task accomplished in as short of time as we can!  Their goal is to complete 2 states the first two days!

Reprinted from Logan Utah Family History Center Newsletter, Vol 13, Issue 6, 8 Feb 2012

Note: Visit to learn more.

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