You know you're addicted to genealogy if....
  • You can recite every ancestor in your family tree, but you can't remember what to call your sister. 
  • You would rather read census records than a good novel. 
  • You introduce your daughter as your descendant. 
  • You spend your free time wandering through old cemeteries instead of the mall. 
  • For Christmas you ask for a microfilm reader. 
  • You get cold sweats waiting for the mail to come, then get angry when nothing shows up. 
  • You hyperventilate at the site of an old cemetery. 
  • You are more interested about what happened in 1698 than 1998. 
  • You remember every birth date of every ancestor in your family, but you forget your own. 
  • You have traced everyone of your ancestral lines back to Adam and Eve, have it documented, but still don't want to quit!! 
  • Your spouse asks you where you want to go on vacation this year and you say Salt Lake City, Utah. 
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